How to Make Salt Moose

Salt meat is a quintessential part of Newfoundland and Labrador's food culture. It makes up part of the traditional Jiggs' Dinner, which is usually a choice between beef and pork. One of the best kept culinary secrets is how much flavor is found in moose meat, particularly when its cured using the same traditional process as beef.

Lori McCarthy from Food Culture Place, a cultural food ambassador and storyteller, is passionate about locally sourced food. In this video she shows us how to prepare and cook delicious "salt moose". The recipe is also available below so you can try it yourself!




Salted Moose Meat “salt beef”

· 2.25kg | 5lb moose meat (no thicker than 4" so cut it up if you need to)
· 600g | 1lb 5oz salt
· 30g | 1oz Prague powder No.1
· 5 liters water
· 1 tbsp black peppercorns or ground pepper
· 2 bay leaves
· 1 onion chopped
· a few juniper berries

Bring to a boil 1 ltr of water, salt, pepper, bay leaves, juniper berries and prague powder. Let cool and then add to 4 ltrs of cold water. Once liquid is fully chilled add your meat and weigh down the top so the meat is completely submerged in the liquid. Place in a fridge or outside in a shed if it is cold enough for 7 days. Remove the meat from the liquid as much as you want at a time and place in clean fresh water and boil for 3-4 hours plus if needed. Drain and devour :) Makes wicket sandwiches with sauerkraut and pickle. I do not soak this meat or change the water but you be the judge of your own taste :)


You find more about Lori and her company at www.foodcultureplace.caIf you try making this yourself please share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram! We'd love to see it.

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