Conversation Starters To Get You Through The Holiday Season

The language of Newfoundland and Labrador is incredibly rich. And though like any place we have our fair share of quirky sayings, we bet you didn’t know that we also have our own dictionary. With over 700 pages of richly musical, off-kilter words and phrases. So, if you are looking for some conversation starters this holiday season, here’s a few of our favourites – along with some explanations for the unfamiliar – to help you out.


Meaning: To shake shiver or tremble

Chaw / Chaw Bag

Meaning: Talk; a talkative person. Example: “What a chaw bag that gentleman is.”


Meaning: Full belly from eating. Example: “Well, I’m stogged tight after that delicious meal.”



Meaning: Elaborately costumed person who participates in various group activities at Christmas. Also know as a Mummer. Example: “Let’s get dressed-up and go jannying about.”



Meaning: Cooked meal often part of an impromptu party. Example: “That was some good scoff! Nan sure does know how to cook.”



Meaning: A dance at someones house, barn or stage. Example: “We had a fine scuff this evening.”


Meaning: To shop without buying. Example: “What do you say to a twack around the shops?”


What other distinctly Newfoundland and Labrador words or phrases do you use? Let us know by sharing them on our Facebook page. Happy Holidays!


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