Our Favourite Imagery 2023

It has become an annual tradition to welcome the New Year with some appreciation for the previous one. We love to see the place we call home through the eyes of our friends and fellow explorers, and 2023 gave lots of opportunity for just that. Alas, here is a short-list of some of our favourite content from 2023.

Labrador Encounters 

The Torngat Mountains National Park is a place like none other. During a visit here you can experience a plethora of things like the Northern Lights, helicopter rides over spectacular fjords, or perhaps the locals just going for a stroll – like this guy, spotted by Jaimy Kertland.

Saltboxes of Salvage

When speaking of Newfoundland and Labrador, most people mention our coastal charm. Ben Smith captured the essence of that here on a beautiful summer’s day in Salvage.


This particular berg became popular this past year for looking shockingly similar to a sorcerer’s hat. Charming, right?

Tilting Perspective

This is the kind of photo that transports you to the setting it was taken in. The stillness of the water, the clear skies and the colours of summer all work together to make us long for a day like this one on Fogo Island.

A Quick Hello

Our friends over at Dark Tickle Expeditions had a once in a lifetime encounter with this humpback whale during the summer season. Looks like they’re getting the hang of the hospitality we’re so well known for!

Lupins Lookout

Chelsey Lawrence proved that downtown St. John’s isn’t just your typical urban center with this shot. You will be able to find colour in our townhouses year-round, but if you time it right, a patch of lupins and a beautiful sunset may be on your horizon too.

Nature's Scale

We could watch this video from Julian Earle on repeat (and we have). Talk about having a front row seat to a show.

Golden Hour

Although it could easily be a painting hanging in an art gallery, this is actually a photo that was taken by Gord Follett in Spillars Cove this past year. Gord shared that the person amongst the cliffs was unknown to him but turned out to be a fellow photographer. Some views just cannot be passed up.

Not Your Average Skyscraper

Don’t cue the Jurassic Park soundtrack just yet. It may look too good to be true, but this photo was taken from Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park.

Life on the Edge

Sarah Rose showed us just why hiking is such a popular activity here in Newfoundland and Labrador. With views like this, there is always a temptation to get out and explore.

Seaside Sanctuary

These clips from a sunny day in Burgeo are sure to fill you with a sense of small-town pride. After all, the sights and sounds of everyday life are often the most beautiful.

Hues of Autumn

Curtis Meeker caught this birds-eye-view of Swift Current dressed up in all its fall colours. We think it has never looked better.

Making Memories

Catching capelin with family is an enjoyable experience for many, but we’re betting that these barnacle crusted passersby added greatly to the memory of this day for Megan Gibbons.


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