The Icebergs of 2015 Begin to Arrive

12 May 2015

Iceberg Near Triton Island, Green Bay

Remember the video from the drone flying through an arch in an iceberg last summer? That was one of many spectacular images of an equally spectacular 2014 iceberg season that served up bergs in as many shapes and sizes as any two or three good years. People are re-posting some of them on social media this spring, and naturally asking: will this year be as good as last year? Or will we see another huge ice island?

Only time will tell, but 2015 is shaping up to be another great season, although maybe not quite as plentiful as 2014, which was unusually excellent. The folks who keep track of bergs for a living, the International Ice Patrol, say the Labrador Current has pushed the bergs further east than last year. There are gazillions of bergs out there, but that’s the problem for landlocked berg fanciers: they are out there, over the horizon and far, far away. As for ice islands – great chunks the size of Manhattan – a couple were spotted early in the season, and because they move much more slowly than bergs, it’s too early to say.

But this year’s crop of bergs is really good. Those that are way offshore are likely to stay there because prevailing winds switch to the southwest around this time of year. The latest ice maps show quite a bit of pack ice off Labrador, especially north of Cartwright. Pack ice provides bergs with shelter from pounding waves and keeps them in the colder waters of the Labrador Current, unlike those that have been blown to the east which will hit warmer water sooner than those near shore.

The bottom line? The season’s just begun and it looks like a decent one, with perhaps a couple of surprises lurking in the pack. There are lots of icebergs reported on all along the coast of the province, and many social media goers and photographers are posting their first iceberg shots of the season.


And if you're looking for another iceberg drone video, look no further than this video which was captured just last week of a beautiful dry docked iceberg in Torbay.

If you’re itching to pack up your drone and head for the Ice Coast, here are a couple of packages to whet your appetite. And if you’re thirsty, we have Iceberg Beer.