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Starting at $225 Per Person
"Gettin' Crabby with it " - a Crab Lover's Cooking Escape
Feel the salt water breezes as you relax in our seaside Inn for 2 nights. Laugh and jig your way into a 3-4 hour crab lovers escape in your bib and schooner hat.

Learn how to cook, eat and love the sweetest, most succulent Snow Crab, dripping with melted garlic butter. Savour tasty blue mussels, steamed in blueberry wine. Learn the art of cooking Toutons, a fried bread dough delicacy, drizzled with sweet, sticky molasses. Delicious!

Escape and fall in love with crab.

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A Schooner Inn

* Offers are subject to availability. Taxes are extra. You may have to pre-book and/or mention
the promotion at the time of booking. Please check with the operator for more details.