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  • Clarenville
    The Galley Restaurant, in the Restland Motel, is a newly refurbished dining room…. .
  • St. John's
    The People's Pub: The Guv'nor Pub & Eatery provides an ideal setting for every occasion and a marvellous feast for every palate. Find your preferred pint on tap, enthusiastic service, delightful English ambience, and a creative hybrid of Newfoundland and British fare lovingly prepared.
  • C Mustang Sally’s Flaming Skillet

    203 Water Street
    St. John's
  • D Rumpelstiltskins

    2 Hill O'Chips
    St. John's
    +1 (709) 579 6000
  • E Skipper Ben’s

    408 Seaforest Drive
    +1 (709) 528 4436
  • F Skippers Dining & Takeout

    222 Main Street
    Badger's Quay
    +1 (709) 536 5690
  • G Smokey Mountain Ski Club

    Smokey Mountain Road
    Labrador City
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