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Take a smart step in your journey to the most easterly point in North America by downloading this easy to use, interactive app from Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism. It’s an invaluable, on-the-ground trip planning tool to help you navigate as you prepare yourself to be lost and found in this unique, off the beaten path destination..

Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Guide app (for iPhone and iPad)

Our app (for iPhone and iPad) is an extensive, complete and current source of Newfoundland & Labrador travel information, the only resource you’ll need as you explore this beautiful province. Smart searching and location services mean you can choose ‘what’s next?’ as you go – from discovering the nearest restaurant to finding a boat tour operator close by. You can also access the latest news, blogs and social media postings, which not only provide great inspiration, but on-the-spot updates on current happenings – from festivals and events, to iceberg and whale sightings.

And should you find yourself completely off the beaten path with no network connection (after all, there’s a lot of wide-open, pristine space around here), you can still access the app’s main content, including local tourism operator information. However, map functions, live weather, and social media updates require a Wi-Fi connection or cellular service.

Features include:

  • Interactive mapping and GPS capabilities.
  • The ability to search by what’s closest to you.
  • A function for saving ‘favourites’.
  • News, blogs and social media updates.
  • Directory and background info by region.
  • Directory of tourism operator content accessible even without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Weather reports.
  • Ongoing updates and improvements.

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