Two Days in Trinity

Step back in time and visit the culturally rich, oceanside town of Trinity. Beautifully restored fishing rooms and saltbox houses are surrounded by a lovely natural environment, with lots of opportunities for sightseeing and cultural experiences. Top-notch restaurants and entertainment make this an excellent place to enjoy a couple of days.

Day 1 - The Town Proper

In its heyday, Trinity was a prosperous fishing and trading town and the people who lived here in the 19th century built houses to last. You can stop by the Trinity Visitor Centre for an introduction to the town's long and colourful history.

Step outside and stroll along to Green Family Forge. After half a century of sleep, its hearth has again been lit and the blacksmith's hammer rings out as he pounds out pieces to be sold in the local craft shop.

There's also a pair of Provincial Historic Sites. The Mercantile Building, where salt fish was readied for shipping around the world, and Hiscock House, a typical merchant's home. If you have ancestors from here, drop by the Trinity Archives, which has genealogical records back to 1753.

After sitting down to the wonderful local food, catch a play by Rising Tide Theatre.

Day 2 - To Sea

Take a tour boat through Trinity Bay and explore the resettled coastal communities. Keep watch for whales and seabirds, and icebergs if there are any in the area.

Back on land, let your sea legs drain away and revisit the town in a new way. Rising Tide's New Founde Lande Trinity Pageant, a comedic walking tour of the town and a trip into the province's outrageous history.

Or perhaps you'd like to take a drive to New Bonaventure and visit the Random Passage film set. Drop in for tea and explore this faux-1830s settlement where the mini-series of the same name was filmed. While you're sightseeing, you can visit some of the other wonderful attractions on the Bonavista Peninsula and hike along the scenic Skernwink Trail. Stop for a scoff before heading back to Trinity and ending the day relaxing to the sound of the sea.