Parks, Beaches, and Islands

The most easterly of Canada's national parks, Terra Nova is a great place to experience some of what makes the Central region special. Then move on to visit the unspoiled beaches and historic sites of Eastport and Newtown.

Day 1 - Terra Nova National Park

Terra Nova National Park is filled with adventure. A good start is the Visitor Centre at Salton's Brook. It has information on all the park attractions and activities, and a touch tank where you can hold marine life in your hands.

Spend the day exploring the coastline. Head out on more than 100 km of hiking trails. Look for bald eagles fishing in the ocean.

In the evening, check out the outdoor theatre in Newman Sound for drama or music.

Day 2 - The Beaches of Eastport

If you're looking to dig your toes into some soft warm sand, then set out for the Eastport Peninsula - home to beautiful white sandy beaches. Drive by sheltered coves and sparkling waters until you find the perfect place to lay a blanket for the afternoon.

The Beaches Heritage Centre has a 200-seat theatre and a full schedule of programming, so there's something for theatre lovers all year-round. There are also gallery exhibits that celebrate traditional and modern art.

Salvage is a fine example of a typical fishing community, and one of the oldest on this coast. Take a stroll through the community and bring along the camera to capture some spectacular images.

Day 3 - A Trip to Venice

Built across 17 tiny islands, Newtown is often called the Venice of Newfoundland. Wander through historic homes and see an authentic fishing stage or visit the sealing interpretation centre. Explore the life of a fish merchant at the Barbour Living Heritage Village.

Beach aficionados will appreciate the small but lovely brown sand beach at Deadman's Bay Provincial Park in Lumsden. It's only a few hundred yards wide and a good place to see shorebirds.

Carmanville, the Wetlands Nature Trail offers an opportunity to see native animals like foxes and beavers, or spy eagles, goshawks, and waterfowl flying above.