Bonavista Puffin & Whale Boat Tours

Catalina, Trinity Bay North

Offering a season to voyage around the Historic Cape Bonavista. View Atlantic Puffins and numerous seabirds. Enjoy the wonder of 10,000 year old Icebergs making their way through iceberg alley. See where John Cabot discovered Newfoundland on his Ship the Matthew. View whales as they frolic and breach of our rocky coast with breath taking rock formation like the Dungeon and the Stacks at Spillers Cove. Find us at the Matthew legacy Building on Roper Street.

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Adults $65, Seniors $60 (over 65), Children ages 4 - 12 $30, under 4 years free, Hst included.

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15 Roper Street , Catalina
48.6528, -53.1174 (Download GPX)
May 6 - Sep 30
+1 (709) 682 6707
+1 (709) 468 4838


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