Bonavista Biennale 2017


Art Encounters on the Edge is the saucy title of an intriguing multi-site art exhibition in the new tourism “hot spot”: Bonavista Peninsula. Contemporary artworks by NL & other Canadian artists are installed in a variety of indoor & outdoor sites: a micro-brewery, fish store, old school, disused seal processing plant, beach & more. A map guides visitors to sites for a unique experience of this spectacular area where history & traditional culture combine with art by newer & established artists.

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Various locations thoughout the Community , Duntara
48.5965, -53.3694 (Download GPX)
Aug 17- Sep 17


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BONAVISTA BIENNALE 2017 Art Trek ‘Special Offer’!
Hike the craggy shores of Bonavista Bay to Duntara Community Hall where 150 images of water, rock and sand recreate the shoreline on the floor. Dive in with a sound piece of mysterious rhythms and echoes recorded under water. In Knight’s Cove see upside-down trees. Who said art wasn’t fun! Head back to Duntara on closing day when shoreline photos will be given away. Take home your very own original artwork!

Scott Walden + Gayle Young + Reinhard Reitzenstein

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Bonavista Biennale 2017

Starting at $7 Per Person
BONAVISTA BIENNALE 2017 Art in Odd Places
Visit a museum and art exhibit in one trip! The Sealers Interpretation Centre has reeled in giant floor-to-ceiling crocheted artworks. These neon multi-coloured forms will capture your imagination and entangle your senses. Peek inside a root cellar to find glass jars filled with illuminated plants and flowers. Then enjoy a quiet moment in St. Mary’s Anglican Church, reflecting on the history of resettled communities.

Artists: Omar Badrin + Laura St. Pierre/Jon Bath + Scott Walden

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Bonavista Biennale 2017

Free Offer
Visit the old post office, where Steve Payne's visual essay on the Isthmus gives an insider’s look at communities and the industry that has changed the landscape. Photo tour continues at Port Rexton Brewing Co. where Net Pratt’s tattoo portraits show skin as canvas. Fishers’ Loft Conference Centre hosts paintings of Newfoundland authors by John Hartman, and figures hidden among the trees of Sara Angelucci’s Arboretum.

Steve Payne + Ned Pratt + John Hartman + Sara Angelucci

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Bonavista Biennale 2017

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