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It is important that our tours are enjoyable and fun rather than merely information. Each tour has been created with an element of adventure in mind. We are a relatively new company, with a fresh take on guiding, and will provide a friendlier, personal touch. Because of the small size of our groups (10 – 15 people). You received a truly authentic experience. We want to help you get the most out of your time in Bonavista, by focusing our tours around highlights of the area.

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Various location in the community , Bonavista
48.6503, -53.1107 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Sep 30


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Special Offers from this Operator

Starting at $150 Per Couple
Beach Boil Up
A Newfoundland boil-up is also often referred to as a “Mug-up”. It is one of Newfoundland’s favorite traditions where a group of friends or family gather on a beach to enjoy tea and a snack over an open fire.  On this adventure, you can look forward to sampling salt fish, lobster, capelin, cod cheeks, cod tongues, moose, mussels or cod. Each sampling will be accompanied by homemade bread, buns and preservatives.
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Bonavista Adventure Tours

Starting at $170 Per Person
The Scenic Route From Bonavista to Keels
Our tour travels up the coast of Bonavista Bay through the coastal fishing communities from Bonavista to Keels. Learn about the unique history and enriched culture of each coastal town along the way. While in Keels we will stop to explore some unique geological features such as the ‘Devil’s Footprints.” Ending the tour off with a hike to the light house, which provides access to spectacular coastal scenery and remarkable geological sequences such as the Crown Hill formation at Brook Point.
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Bonavista Adventure Tours

Starting at $40 Per Couple
“Up the Harbour” Walking Tour of Bonavista
Discover the fascinating past and vibrant present of Bonavista, first discovered by Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto (or John Cabot as he is locally known) in 1497. On this tour, you will discover interesting facts about Bonavista’s early settlement and development, the town’s unique built heritage and architectural treasures. You’ll have the opportunity to visit some re-purposed heritage buildings along Church Street which now are local artisan shops– a great opportunity to do a little shopping
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Bonavista Adventure Tours

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