Eastern Edge Boat Tours


Personalized excursion on Random Island & Smith Sounds to Ireland’s Eye and other resettled outports as well as active picturesque fishing villages with colorful houses, stages& boats & breathtaking remote coves & beaches. Yam with skipper about his connection to the sea after 39 years as you views nesting & feeding birds & whales. Take a refreshing dip in the crystals cold water, stroll abandon beaches or catch your own codfish & Skipper will cook it on the shore in NL boil-up style for you!

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21ft Boat

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5 passenger max
Stay & Sail, based on a party of 5, Full day $700 + tax, 1/2 day$500 + tax, Sail Full day $600+tax, 1/2 day $400+tax.

Contact Information

262 Memorial Drive , Clarenville
48.1611, -53.9688 (Download GPX)
May 30 - Oct 15
+1 (800) 205 3993
+1 (709) 466 7636
+1 (709) 266 7677
+1 (709) 466 2743


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