Belle Maison Dine & Dream

Port Kirwan

Belle Maison is on the East Coast Trail overlooking the peaceful harbour of Port Kirwan. Minutes away from many attractions including Mistaken Point, Ferryland Archaelogical Dig & Lighthouse Picnics. Listed as a bed and breakfast Belle Maison boasts a fabulous state of the art kitchen where fine dining is available on request.


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WiFi available, BBQ on site, waterfront view, hot tub, lunches and dinner available upon request, shuttle service available upon request for trail walkers for sightseeing.

Helpful Information

3 Rooms
$129 per night. See website for fall and winter rates.

Contact Information

Main Road , Port Kirwan
46.9690, -52.9099 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31
+1 (709) 325 4388
+1 (709) 363 2111


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