The Ghosts of Bell Island

Bell Island

A walking tour that is presented at the #4 Mines on the western part of the island. The play is based on the folklore of Bell Island. People taking the tour are visited by the spirits of 5 ghosts as they walk along Bell island’s haunted trail. It's an experience you will never forget. No one under 13 permitted.

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Food and washroom facilities available at the cafe. No pets allowed.

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$15. Under 13 not permitted.

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#4 Mine, Scotia # 1 , Bell Island
47.6424, -52.9524 (Download GPX)
Jul - Sep
+1 (855) 235 5475
+1 (709) 488 2411
+1 (709) 687 6216
+1 (709) 488 3290


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