Fishing for Success at Island Rooms

Petty Harbour, Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove

The families of Newfoundland & Labrador have depended upon the Bounty of the Sea for generations. Now you can participate in the historic handline fishery – in a dory! Learn to row, knit a net, rind a stick, handline for cod, fillet your fish and cook up your catch! Don’t forget the scrunchions! Or join us on a walk-about on the wharf or town. A fishing village this ancient has many stories and secrets to uncover. "Bring some bread for the faeries!"

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Seasonal children’s activities onshore, most beautiful waterfront view, ever! PFDs/lifejackets, waterproof jacket and pants are provided for boat outings and fishing excursions, customized itineraries for large groups, onsite washrooms.

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$5 - $225

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10 D Main Road Island Rooms of Petty Harbour, Petty Harbour
47.4640, -52.7106 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31


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Special Offers from this Operator

Starting at $225 Per Person
Be A Fisherman For A Day!
Step onto our fishing premise for the day and immerse yourself in the life of a fisherman! Your day begins on the water, fishing from a dory, and learning the marks with a compass. Then try your hand at filleting your catch, cutting cod tongues or salting splits for the flake. Create a painting of your biggest fish! Finally, make a meal of fisherman's stew and while dinner is bubbling away, share stories in the stage as you knit a net and weave a withe. Something for everyone in the family!
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Fishing for Success at Island Rooms

Starting at $50 Per Person
Petty Harbour Twine Loft
The work of fishing is never done! And some of the most important work of fishing happens on land in the twine loft where the nets are knitted and the ropes are weaved. Enjoy this crafty, hands-on experience and learn some of the oldest skills of our ancestors. But add your own twist with new materials and textiles. Create your own keepsake of your trip to Newfoundland! Best of all? Stories, tea and homemade blueberry muffins are shared while our hands are kept busy!
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Fishing for Success at Island Rooms

Starting at $60 Per Person
Rolling Rocks & Berries
The little seaside community of Petty Harbour is embraced by green hills that hold many delights! Youngsters would take to the hills to entertain themselves rolling rocks or sent with buckets to collect the berries that grow there. But they always kept bread in their pockets for the faeries! Join us on a walk-about to collect berries - blueberries or cranberries - whatever the season brings and then we'll make jam together! Discover a magical rock that no child could ever roll down the hills.
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Fishing for Success at Island Rooms

Starting at $30 Per Person
Wharf Walk-About
Petty Harbour is one of the oldest fishing communities having been visited by the Basques, Portuguese and French in the early 1500's. Probably earlier - because no one gives away their prime fishing spots! Our fishing families have maintained a sustainable hook & line fishery - no gillnets - for generations. Join us on a Wharf Walk to discover this history, changes to our harbour due to crab fishing, and the unique names and meanings for the buildings that line the water. We'll peek inside, too!
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Fishing for Success at Island Rooms

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