Trinity Historical Walking Tours


You will experience the 500 year history of Trinity at the 15 stops we make during the leisurely two and a half hour stroll along Trinity's paths and lanes. Through stories, historic photos, records of burials, shipwrecks, and tragic events, and your imagination, you will time travel through the history of Newfoundland in the magical setting called Trinity. It will be a personal educational and entertaining experience.

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Learn about Newfoundland's history, view historic photos, see spectacular scenery, observe traditional Newfoundland architecture, and visit historic sites, while having an educational, entertaining, and emotional experience in a magical setting.

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Adult $15, children with parents or guardians free

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Clinch Lane , Trinity
48.3703, -53.3569 (Download GPX)
Jun 26 - Sep 2
+1 (709) 464 3723
+1 (709) 364 8528


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