Spruce Grove Cottages

Rocky Harbour

Our cottages are located in a very private area. There is ample space between cottages. Children can play freely with little danger from traffic. All cottages have a balcony. Sunsets can be viewed from the playground area. Convenience store nearby. Five minute walk to the Ocean.WiFi on site. 1 hour from Deer Lake Airport.


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BBQs, picnic/playground area, no pets allowed, satellite TV, hiking, indoor swimming nearby, private bath/shower, no smoking, fire pits, large open space for children, basketball pad and Wifi on site.

Helpful Information

5 Cottages
$115 1-bedroom, $125 2-bedroom, $160 3-bedroom, $10 extra adult. Off season $90 double, $120 3-bedroom.

Contact Information

West Link Road , Rocky Harbour
49.5876, -57.9079 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Nov 11
+1 (844) 458 2212
+1 (709) 458 2341
+1 (709) 458 8518
+1 (709) 458 2341
+1 (709) 458 2212


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