Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Portugal Cove South

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site protect Ediacaran fossils preserved in exquisite detail. The tilted and cleaved mudstone bedding planes along Mistaken Point's spectacular coastline contain fossils of the oldest, large complex multicellular life-forms found anywhere on Earth. This site is the best place in the world to view 565-million-year-old deep-sea floors which provide a sense of the ecology of ancient ocean floor communities. Access is by guided tour only.

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Off Route 10, near Portugal Cove South , Portugal Cove South
46.6415, -53.1408 (Download GPX)
1 May - 15 Oct
+1 (709) 438 1011
+1 (709) 438 1012
+1 (709) 637 2586


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