The View Golf Course


Each hole of this challenging course offers its own unique natural beauty. Narrow fairways, natural obstacles, plus sand and water traps make strategy and accuracy more important than being able to hit extremely long drives. With its challenging play and beautiful scenery, a round of golf is enjoyable for players of all skill levels. Tee Times are spaced well so that golfers can enjoy a leisurely and relaxing round. The scenery on this course will have you using your camera more than your club.

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Pro shop with golf club rentals, pull and power carts, snacks, and merchandise, clubhouse with dining room and lounge, luxury on site accommodations.

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Play and stay packages, group rates, tournaments and other special rates available upon request.

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Off Route 235, between Princeton and Summerville , Summerville
48.4258, -53.572 (Download GPX)
May 1 - Oct 31
+1 (888) 846 8439
+1 (709) 462 8439
+1 (709) 462 4653
+1 (709) 427 3800
+1 (709) 462 2032


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