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Torngat Mountains National Park

Torngat Mountains National Park
Torngats Mountains Inukshuk
Torngat Mountains National Park
Torngat Mountains National Park - 3 Polar Bears
Torngat Mountains National Park - Polar Bear

Our newest national park takes its name from the Inuktitut word Tongait, meaning place of spirits. It is 9,700 square kilometres of spectacular wilderness stretching north from Saglek Fjord to the northern tip of Labrador, and westward from the Atlantic seacoast to the Quebec border. It's a land of mountains and polar bears, small glaciers and caribou where the Inuit hunt, fish and travel, just as aboriginal peoples have for thousands of years.

Because of its remote location, the park differs greatly from its more accessible cousins in the south. The journey requires careful planning, registration with park officials, and the right equipment. There are no roads, no campgrounds and no signs telling you where to go or what to see. Parks Canada recommends that a visitor engage the services of a trained Inuit polar bear guard when hiking in the park. Parks Canada provides interpretative programs, visitor reception, and orientation services, including safety briefings at the Torngat Mountains Base Camp Saglek Fjord at the southern boundary of the park throughout the summer.

The Torngat Mountains Base Camp, on Saglek Fjord outside the park is the main access to the park. It operates from mid July to the end of August. For information on packages and bookings, please contact:

Toll free: 709-896-8995

Nunatsiavut Group of Companies also operates flights into nearby Saglek airstrip. Vision Atlantic Vacations and Linkum Tours offer vacation packages that include hiking and a trip to Saglek Fjord.

Things to do

Experience the Torngat Mountains National Park Through an Inuit Cultural Lens: Join Inuit to experience spiritual and cultural sites and experience an Inuit harvesting trip as they gather food for the Torngat Mountains Base Camp. You can also take an overnight trip with Inuit into spectacular fjords where their ancestors have camped and walked before. When you join the Inuit on these trips listen to the ancient stories and legends of the area as you sip on hot tea and eat hot food that has been prepared over an open fire. Packages can be full 7-day adventures featuring hiking and camping, or shorter 3-4 day versions. Various levels of comforts and amenities are also offered. Depending on the package, the visitor will experience guided excursions such as helicopter rides, boat tours, and cultural experiences.

Sailing and cruise ships: Another way to experience the park is via cruise ship. Several small expeditionary ships annually visit the area. They use zodiacs or other small craft to ferry you ashore for hiking and sightseeing adventures.

Fishing: Catch Arctic char right from a salt water beach and cook it the traditional way on hot stones.

Sightseeing by aircraft or chopper: You will be able to appreciate the sweeping majesty of the Torngat Mountains from the sky above.

Hiking: This remote and wild area is a place where people have lived for thousands of years. Soak up this ancient legacy as you walk in age-old footsteps. Everything you see and experience will leave an unexpected and remarkable impression.

Mountain climbing: Torngat Mountains National Park is a mountain climber's paradise, as you're surrounded by majestic, scalable peaks within a scenic panorama almost impossible to imagine.

Backcountry skiing: A particularly exciting and spiritually-exhilarating way to see the park is when it's drenched in flawless, freshly fallen snow. Be the first person to leave your mark in a perfect, wild landscape of white.

Camping: The park has no official designated campsites or facilities. You can pitch your tent wherever the mood takes you – except at designated archaeological sites – keeping in mind that you are in polar bear country. Be sure to leave the pristine wilderness, just as you found it.

Where do I begin?

All visitors must register before entering Torngat Mountains National Park. The park's headquarters is located in the nearest town, Nain, which is 200 km south.

Parks Canada provides general trip-planning assistance. For more information, please consult the Torngat Mountains National Park website, or email the park at

Other expedition resources include:

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Parks Canada - Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada

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