The Southwest Coast By Boat –
Part 3

From Bay L'Argent on the Heritage Run you can take a coastal boat service to the remote Fortune Bay community of Rencontre East and west to Pool's Cove located on the Coast of Bays Scenic Driving Route. When travelling by coastal boat or ferry it's always a good idea to plan everything in advance. Schedules can vary.

Bay L'Argent to Pool's Cove, with a stop in Recontre East

Fortune Bay probably derives its name from the Portuguese word "fortuna," which can mean either good or bad fortune. Western European fishermen started coming here in the 1500s. The trip from Bay L'Argent to Pool's Cove is three to four hours with the stopover in Rencontre East.

"Rencontre" is the French word for "meeting place," and it's likely French fishermen came here for bait and wood long before permanent English settlement in the 1830s because the coast here is sheltered from the ocean by islands. The community has a series of hiking trails, including one to the top of Arial Hill, which is about 1,100 feet high.

Pool's Cove, the western terminus for this service, wasn't settled until the 1840s, but was likely an overwintering station much earlier because of easy access to resources on the western side of the bay. The community was like many along the coast – isolated until a road connection to Harbour Breton opened in 1970.